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Egg Harbor Township Youth Organization
Welcomes All Visitors


Nov. 18, 2015

8:00 PM 



TAXI: $35
JV:  $65

-Congratulations to our Cape Atlantic League Champions!!!!!
-Junior Varsity Cape Eagles
-PeeWee Cape Eagles

-Congratulations to our Atlantic League Conference Champions!!!!!
-Junior Varsity Atlantic Eagles


EHTYO "Shout Out" Board

Directions:  Write a Shout Out to anyone in the organization.  Reference the team, individual, and date.  Email it to Jason.Zeigenfus@gmail.com.  Must be emailed 24 hours before the game to insure it gets posted.  











We want to give a shout out to Michael “Kaz” Kazmi of the EHTYO JV Atlantic Eagles!! Go! Go!! Fight! Fight!! Eagles gonna win tonight! Love Lisa, Missy, Layla


Thank you!


Lisa Ramirez

I wanna send a Shout Out to my son, Jason Zeigenfus Jr.  #53 aka. JJ  (Cape Taxi).  Year 2 buddy.  Your the older kid now.  Your team depends on you for leadership.  I look forward to seeing 500 tackles, and hopefully some Touchdowns!!!  Run 
Fast, Hit Hard, Never give up!!!  Daddy loves and is proud of you. 
GO EAGLES!!!GO JJ!!!!!!!!GO 53!!!!!!!!!
Jason Zeigenfus Sr.



We would like to give a Special Shout Out to our son Hunter Watson for his first year playing football for the Eagles Taxi team!!!! Here's to GREAT career!!!!!!!
Love,Mom and Dad(Carol and Roger Watson)

Christo have a great season with Cape Taxi.  Show everyone what being a young boy and a big heart is all about.  Love Mom and Dad
-Coach Damico.

I want to give a special shout out to my son Tracy on the Cape Taxi team! You have some great coaches and can't wait for the games to start!! Keep up the good work at practice. I love you!!!

Shout out to my amazing athletic son, Jason Jr!! Mommy couldn't be more proud of your enthusiasm and love for our family's favorite sport, FOOTBALL!! Keep it up, stay positive, and take it out on the field!! I love you Jr!! Love, Mom ~ Tasha Zeigenfus

I just wanted to give a shout out to my little man Sebastian Benavidez!!  Good luck on your first year as a Junior Varsity player!! It is a whole new ballgame now!!  Just remember what the Coaches tell you!! Stick to it and you will do great!! I love you <3

Mom~ Jessica Adamson

It is going to be a great season for the 2014 Drill Team. Have fun ladies! - Coach Tabatha

I wanna send a shout out to my nephew Ahmad Brown the baby of this clan,I love you and I'm so proud of you.You do your thing "Madi" ON AND OFF THE FIELD!!!
The James,Lampson,Richardson,and of course the Brown your "FAMILIA GOT YOUR BACK" GO EAGLES...GO AMHAD....

Special shout out to my the best son- Vincent Alley( cape taxi). This is your second year. You are doing great. You told me that you love playing football and you are happy to play football. Keep doing you best play for yourself and for your team. I am so proud of you. I love you!!!!! Xoxo... 

We want to sent a shout out to our son Ari - You make Mommy & Daddy so proud - You were 9 pounds 12 ounces when you were born... You have always been our little linebacker ... This is just a start of your NFL career :) some kids are born with it and you are definitely one of them xoxoxo
Go Cape Taxi - You guys are winners 

Special shout out to our Cape Taxi girls!  Cheer your hearts out girls!  We can't wait to come see you cheer week 1!  Don't forget always smile and let me hear you!  With Coach Michelle you are guaranteed to out cheer any squad!!

 PS Krystal misses you all!
Krystal and Jen Rose

Shout out to our BELGRAVE boys!! Not only is it your first year on JV, but it’s your first year playing for the EHT Eagles! You have a great team and support system so do your best and show your talent! Mom and Dad are so proud of you Tevon (pronounced like Kevin with a T) and Ricardo!!!!
Shout out to Tevon (pronounced like Kevin with a T) Belgrave! You are Nana's Superstar!!

Congrats to our favorite cheerleaders...Morgan and Brooke Mollenkopf!  We are so proud of you and can't wait to walk with you at Homecoming!  Love you to the moon, Mommy, Daddy and Clark



 Please contact Dominic Branca at dominicbranca@aol.com or Jason Zeigenfus at Jason.Zeigenfus@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Board Members - 2015-2016
President - Dominic Branca Vice President - Tony Savastano
Treasurer - Monica Brunetti Secretary - Heather Hoke
Cape Cheerleading Coord. - Jen Shaw Cape Football Coord - Luis Mendez
Atlantic Cheerleading Coord- Denise Savastano Atlantic Football Coord - Brian Fox
Drill Team Coordinator - Tabatha Dolby Booster Club - Nicole Fox
General Board Member - Tom Webb General Board Member -  Mike Price
General Board Member - Jason Zeigenfus Sr. General Board Member- Tom Sausto
General Board Member - Michele Chishko  
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