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Updated 2017 By-Laws

Egg Harbor Township Youth Organization Revised By-Laws – 2017

Article 1: Name and Purpose

A. Name- The name of this association shall be Egg Harbor Township Youth Organization hereafter referred to as “EHTYO”. Its principal office shall be located at Box 1573 Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232. EHTYO may have other such offices as the Board of Directors may determine or the affairs of the Association may require from time to time.

B. Organization- EHTYO is a private, volunteer organization, and will consist of a governing body called the EHTYO Board of Directors, administrative staff and coaches, football players, cheerleaders, and junior color guard members organized into four age divisions: Taxi, Pee Wee, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. Participation is at the discretion of the EHTYO Board of Directors. 

C. Mascot & Colors- The mascot of the teams in the EHTYO will be the “Fighting Eagle”. The colors of the teams will be Orange, Black, and White.

D. Mission Statement- The mission of the EHTYO is to teach children the fundamental skills of football, cheerleading, and drill team while implementing and encouraging good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, courage, and loyalty for oneself and others; and for all EHTYO athletes, parents, and spectators to follow the rules of the game and the by-laws as set forth by the league.

   E. Purpose- This organization is organized exclusively     for the following reasons:

1. To provide the youth of EHT with the opportunity to play the sports of football, cheerleading and junior color guard in a supervised, organized, and safe manner.

2. To enable children to develop the fundamentals of the sports of football, cheerleading, and junior color guard.

3. To act as a feeder system for experienced players, cheerleaders, and junior color guard members to local middle school(s) and high school(s).

4. To provide an opportunity for parents and family to participate in an organized sport with their children.

    F. The Game and Practice Fields:

        1. Home Games will be held at Veterans Memorial         Park Complex.

        2. Practices will be held at Veterans Memorial Park         Complex

3. Veterans Memorial Park is owned by and controlled by the EHTParks and Recreation Department. Members and participants of the EHTYO must abide by rules and regulations set forth by EHT while on their property.




Article II: Organizational Structure

      There are four types of memberships under                   EHTYO:


            BOARD MEMBERS


            PARTICIPANTS: COACHES, PARENTS, and                     PLAYERS (w/o voting rights)

A. General Membership-(voting members) Membership is open to all residents of EHT that have reached the age of 18. Residency is defined by the EHT Recreation Commission.

1. General Members will be individuals who attend at least 6 meetings in a consecutive 12 month period. The member is responsible for notifying the board that they have reached the meeting requirement and have obtained voting rights.  

2.  The secretary will verify to the board that the meeting requirement has been met and the member will be eligible to vote at that meeting.

To maintain membership the member must not miss 6 or more general meetings during a calendar year. Upon missing the 6th meeting the member will lose voting rights at that meeting.  If this former member wants to regain voting rights they will need to start attendance from the beginning.

2. General Membership meetings will generally be held on the first Wednesday of each month. During the season these meetings will be biweekly. Board only meetings will be set at the discretion of the board.  There will be no meeting during the month of January.

3.         Executive Officers and Board Members will preside over the Membership meetings.

4.         Anyone attending a meeting shall be afforded the opportunity to present issues during the public portion of the meeting and in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the by-laws.

5.         Any meeting cancellation or schedule change shall be posted at the meeting location or on the website. The Recreation Department should also be notified of such meeting cancellation or change.

6.         Meeting minutes shall be maintained at all regular or special meetings. A copy of such minutes shall be forwarded to the EHTRC via the Recreation Department within 15 days of the minutes being approved.

7.         Non-residents cannot be EXECUTIVE OFFICERS, BOARD MEMBERS, GENERAL MEMBERS, COACHES, VOTING MEMBERS or PLAYERS.                                                   

B.     Board Members (aka Board of Directors) There will be 15 total Board       Members and the board will be comprised of two groups:


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                        Board Members and Executive Officers

  1. The Board positions are as follows:  Four Executive Officers, Booster Club Coordinator, Atlantic County Football Coordinator, Atlantic County Cheerleading Coordinator, Cape Atlantic Football Coordinator, Cape Atlantic Cheerleading Coordinator, Junior Color Guard Coordinator, and up to Five (5) General Board Members.
  2. The Board shall develop and enforce all policies and rules and will handle all legal and financial matters and rule on violations of their code of ethics.The board may take action regarding the discipline, suspension or removal of any member or participant. (see ethics)
  3. The Board shall have at least fifty percent of the members at a legal meeting to constitute a quorum allowed to exercise a legal vote.(Without 51% of the board present during a meeting business can be discussed but there can be no voting.)

4    A single term of office shall be 2 calendar years. The 2 year terms will expire

in alternating years.


President, Secretary, & Booster Coordinator, and Atlantic Football & Cheer

Coordinators expire on the even years.


      Vice-President, Treasurer, Cape Football &Cheer Coordinators & Junior

      Color Guard Coordinator expires on the odd years.        


The remaining Board seats will expire as follows:  Seats 1, 2, & 5 expire on

the even years. Seats 3 & 4 expire on the odd years. 


5    Board members shall not miss more than three unexcused official general

meetings or three board only meetings per calendar year. An excused absence

is defined as an organization/league function, illness, work or a death/funeral

in the family with 24 hours’ notice to the President.  The President or his

appointed representative will grant excused absences and they will be

recorded by the acting Secretary.Once it has been confirmed that a Board

 Member has missed three unexcused meetings in a calendar year they will

lose their position on the board and forfeit their position as a coordinator if

applicable. They will still have voting rights as a General Member.


6.   The Board may delegate authority and responsibility to any of the three

associations(Football, Cheerleading, &Junior Color Guard) as voted upon as

a legal vote.


7.No more than two members of any immediate family shall serve on the

Board at one time.


8.A Board member cannot hold more than one position on the Board.




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9.The Board will be responsible for the removal of any member. This will include all

four levels of membership, Executive Officers, Board Members,General Members

and Participants. This will be done by a majority vote and only after the individual

has had the opportunity to speak before the board and respond to any accusations

against them. This action shall take place at a general meeting or a board only



10.The (5) General Board memberswill be assigned specific duties throughout the        

season.  Examples of duties are field clean up, refreshment stand, Pep Rally

Committee, Homecoming Committee, Website and team pictures.


C.    Executive Officers

            There will be (4) four Executive Officers on the Board: President, Vice President,             Treasurer and Secretary.

1.President- The duties of the President shall be to appoint committees, preside over meetings and oversee all organizational activities. The President shall have the right to vote on all matters; however the President’s vote will only be cast in the event of a tie vote in order to break the tie. This vote can also be used to defeat a motion. In addition, the President can cast a vote in elections provided the vote is by ballot. The President shall have the right to request a paper vote on certain matters at his / her discretion. The President shall appoint an audit committee in January of each year to review all financial transactions of the past year. The committee should be comprised of three individuals that are not Board members.         


2.Vice President: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent or temporarily unable to serve.In the event that the president cannot fulfill his duties or complete his term the Vice President will then assume the position of President and complete the term. If the Vice President does not accept the vacated position the Board will need to vote to elect a President at the earliest possible date.The Vice President shall be responsible for and coordinate all necessary actions to obtain and provide proper insurance for all organizational activities, other than those provided by EHT. The Vice President will be responsible for overseeing disciplinary matters that are brought to the attention of the Board.


3.  Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of the organization’s business conducted at all general membership and official board meetings. This will include keeping the attendance records for board members and potential general members. He/she will assume the duties of the Treasurer when absent. In January of each year, the Secretary must provide an updated list of all of the current Board Members to the EHTRC and Recreation Department. This list will include names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.


  1. Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep a record of the organization’s receipts

and disbursements as well as give written reports of the same stating all activities which have transpired since the last membership meeting. The Treasurer shall provide a copy of the monthly bank statement to another Executive Board Member for verification of posted checks.


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The Treasurer shall turn over all books to the audit committee before the new board convenes at the beginning of the calendar year.The treasurer will provide an annual finance report to the EHTRC through the Recreation Department.

The above stated descriptions do not represent all total and final responsibilities of these Executives. Additional responsibilities can be added at the discretion and approval of the board.  All checks written in the amount of $2,500 or greater including the Booster Club, will require 2 approved Board Member signatures.

            D. Associations

1.  The organizations shall have three associations.

A. Cheerleading Association

B. Junior Color Guard Association

C. Football Association

  1. The organization shall be a member of the Atlantic County Football League, Inc., the Atlantic County Junior Cheerleading League, and the Cape Atlantic Junior Football League.  It shall have no bylaw contradictory to either group, or that are in any way detrimental to the children involved in EHTYO.
  2. All player registration forms shall be forwarded to the EHTRC through the

Recreation Department preferably before opening day, but no later than 15 days after opening day.

Article III: Duties and Responsibilities of Associations

A.        Each association will hold at least one meeting per month during its respective season.

B.        There will be one member of each association who will assume all responsibility as coordinator, as elected by the Board each year.

            1.  Coordinator duties shall be to attend all membership meetings for the purpose of keeping the organization informed as to the needs and requirements necessary to conduct an efficient and effective season. He / she shall be responsible for scheduling all volunteer personnel and otherwise coordinating activities to ensure a successful season.

            2.  Coordinators are responsible for organizing at least one fundraiser that pertains to the scholarship fund. 

Article IV: Voting and Election Privileges

A.        All general members and board members that have attained their voting rights shall have the official voting privileges pertaining to elections, policies, rules, and business matters of the organization.

1.Only the Board members shall have the official voting privileges pertaining to

financial matters and the approval of Head coaches.


B.        Board Member Elections - Voting process:

1.  All voting for elections is to occur at the general meeting in February.

2.  Anyone with voting rights can nominate an individual for election.

                                                                        Page 5


  1. Any individual, with or without voting privileges, can be nominated with the

exception of President and Vice President.  In order to be nominated for President or Vice President, the candidate must have served at least one year on the EHTYO Board and also be a current EHTYO Board member to be eligible. 


4.  Nominations shall take place in two general meetings prior to the actual vote. 

5.  If an individual without voting privileges is elected they can serve but cannot

vote until they meet the requirements to obtain voting rights.  Those

requirements are 6 meetings in a rolling calendar year.


                        6.  The board and general members will vote on each nominee separately and the                           nominee must receive a majority of the votes cast fromthe voting members                                     present.  When there are 3 or more candidates, we will conduct a first round of                                votes.  If 51% or less is achieved, there will be a run off between the top two                                   candidates.  The election shall be by paper vote and a majority will consist of                                the votes cast exclusive of abstentions.  When you abstain, you give up your                                right to vote.  (Example:  If there are 10 voters and 1 voter abstains, than a                          majority is 5 votes.  If all 10 voted with no abstentions, then 6 would be a                          majority.


C.        A normally expiring vacancy on the board:

1.  Voting will follow the above process.Newly elected officers will become functional immediately following the conclusion of that meeting. 

.           D.        Vacated positions on the board:

  1. The process will be the same as above with the exception that the board may,     if they so desire, fill that position on a single nomination by nominating any individual at any regular scheduled general meeting.  The nominee must be a member in good standing and receive a majority of the cast votes of the board.
  2. The Executive Board positions must be filled at all times to have an official meeting.

            E.         Member Resignation:

1.  A resignation by anyone holding a board position must be presented to the            board in writing or in person.

Article V:  Code of Ethics

            A.        Board Members - EHTYO Board Members are expected and required to act in                            the best interests of the children of EHTYO. Board Members will provide positive                  support to the league and other board members.

            1.  The Board shall deal with all infractions as necessary.

            a. Any 2 members of the EHTYO Board that are in dispute will, at the point of impasse, refer to the judgment of a third, disinterested board member appointed by the President. 

            b. Any Board member that does not conduct him or her in the appropriate manner may be discharged of his or her duties.

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The Board member in question will be given the opportunity to be present and

represent themselves at a Board only meeting.This will be done by a majority

voteof board members at a board only meeting.

B.        Coaches- Be a role model. The coaches of EHTYO will conduct themselves in a professional, sportsmanlike,and positive manner at all times and must be in compliance with Egg Harbor Township’s ordinance #46 of 2007.

1.         Coaches must be certified and assigned to a team prior to participation. There will be a minimum of two coaches for Cheerleading and Junior Color Guard and three for Football.  They must be registered as a coach and designated to a team before the first practice.  Exceptions can be made by the Board after the first practice on a case by case basis.  All Head Coaches must submit a list of Assistant Coaches at the same time final rosters are due. 

2.         All coaches must show a commitment to providing well-planned instruction to the team or squad members.

3          All coaches must abide by the EHTYO by-laws, rules, and regulations.

4.         Coaches must communicate on a regular basis with parents, team, or squad in reference to Refreshment Stand Duty and the Fundraiser.

5.         Coaches must deal effectively under all conditions in a fair and impartial way toward other coaches, parents, team or squad members, EHTYO Board members, officials, and other league members.

6.         All coaches need to be at all practices and games to the best of their ability.

7.         Head Coaches must notify the Coordinator when they are going to be absent.  Excessive absences will be brought to the Board as soon as possible.

8          Head coaches are responsible to oversee the collection of all game uniforms and equipment at the end of the season. 

9.         Coaches are expected to support the organization. Coaching responsibilities will include participation in all activities involving your sport including but not limited to sign ups, equipment handout and collection, meetings, etc.                                                                             

If there is a breach in the code of ethics the coach may be suspended or removed from their position. If a coach is removed and has a child in the organization, their membership may be revoked if deemed necessary by the Board and they will not receive a refund of their registration fee.

C.        Parents- The parents of the participants of EHTYO will conduct themselves in an encouraging and supportive manner. At no time will parents, guardians, friends, or relatives of participants engage in any behavior that will incite or create an atmosphere that embarrasses the children or jeopardizes the safety of the participants or spectators in any way.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1.         All Parents/Guardians must make it a point toattend all practices and games or make sure that a responsible adult is present for the cheerleader, junior color guard member, or football player in case of emergency, or in the event of a practice or game cancellation.


                                                                                    Page 7

Chronic lateness and the inability to pick children up in a timely manner will be dealt with by the Coordinator and the coaches.If a responsible adult is not present for the child, the child may not be allowed to participate in practice or games.

2.         At no time will parents enter the field where the participants of the teams are engaged in practice or play, without the prior permissionof the coach or individual in charge. 

3.         Player rosters, parent contact lists and booster/sponsor lists are to be used for EHTYO purposes only and are not to be used or given to businesses, private or corporate, for the use of solicitation or for any other reason.

4.         Any violation of these rules may result in the expulsion of the parent or guardian from any EHTYO function and may result in the removal of their child/children from EHTYO supported functions if deemed necessary by the Board, with no refund of registration fees.

5.         Parents will be required to sign a code of conduct document outlining the expectations for parents, children and family members. The contents of this document must be approved by the EHTYO Board before distribution.

6.         Any dispute or complaint shall bereferred to the head coach first.  If the complaint has not been resolved, the head coach or parent shall notify the Coordinator.  If the Coordinator cannot resolve the dispute, the complaint shall be brought to the board.Any decision that is made in a dispute is final.


D.             Participants- Any player that does not conduct him or herself in a respectful and encouraging manner towards Board members, Coaches, Game officials, fellow participants, or parents may be suspended from play.

                        Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:                                                            1.             Arrive at practice on time and prepared.

2.         Players are not allowed to actively practice or play in a game without proper equipment.

3.         Notify the head coach in advance if you must miss a practice or game. Failure to notify the head coach will result in an unexcused absence being given to the player.

4.         Playing time may be reduced if the athlete does not attend practice (unexcused) or is disruptive during practice, which includes but is not limited to back-talking or not obeying the coach, using foul language, and exhibiting violence against another person.

5.         Repeated violations of the above code of ethics may result in the suspension or expulsion of the child/children from EHTYO supported functions with no refund of registration fees.                                                  

Article VI:      Ethics Violations

                        A.        Any participant member or coach who becomes aware of an incident will                                       notify their prospective Coordinator.  Any Coordinator or Board member                                       that knows of an incident willnotify the remaining board members as soon                                as possible.

                        B.        The board shall open the issue for discussion. If the majority of the board                                       feels the issue has merit they shall formally raise the issue at a board                                                only meeting or general meeting.

                                                                                    Page 8


The individuals believed to be involved in the incident shall be invited to the meeting and given the opportunity to speak and address the incident.If the board chooses, this incident can be addressed immediately following a general meeting after the public has been dismissed.

                        C.        The board shall determine the severity of the infraction. Based on this                                            decision the board will direct which of the following actions, if any, shall                                       be taken:

                                                1.A verbal warning or reprimand to the individuals involved.

                                                2.A written warning or reprimand to the individuals involved.

                                                3. A suspension from participation in our program.

                                                4.Removal from participation in our program.

            If a particular infraction is determined to be a minor violation but involves individuals       who have had previous past warnings, incidents or complaints against them the board       shall consider any of the above actions as appropriate.In all cases there must be a          majority of the board present to discuss the infraction and there must be a majority vote       to enforce any             penalty.The determination of the board and any actions are to be                             recorded in the minutes for that meeting.The board can, by way of a majority vote,            remove from the program anyone who has failed to uphold their responsibilities or has       been detrimental to the organization. This will be done by a majority vote only after the      individual has had the opportunity to speak in front of the board regarding any        accusations made against them.

Article VII:    Coaching Selection

                   A.      The selection of head coaches shall be conducted and finalized by a                                                committee consisting of both league coordinators of that sport and the                                            President of our organization.The committee shall provide the board with                                           a process for evaluation when a head coaching position has multiple                                       candidates. This process will define a basis for any coaching selection.

                   B.      Should there be a conflict between the 3 member selection committee and                                      any coaching candidate or should a committee member aspire to fill one of                                     the coaching positions they shall be replaced by another board member as                                             agreed upon by the committee. Any issues with assembling this committee                                 will be resolved by the Board.  Nocommittee member can select                                                        him/herself for a coaching position.

                   C.        In the event there is an impasse in the selection process the board and the                                       voting members will make the final choice by a majority vote at the                                                 earliest general meeting.

D.        All Head Coaching positions, contested or uncontested, need to have a letter of intent submitted by the March meeting. 

E.         All Head Coaches must be present for the blind draft.

F.         All Head Coaches are required to attend 6 Board meetings from June through December.

G.        Head coaches are required to submit a list of their Assistant Coaches by September 1st.

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Coaching Approval

A         Final approval for all head coaches shall be by a majority vote by Board Members. Each coach is to be voted onseparately. No absentee ballots.

                                    1. This process should be concluded by the April general meeting.If a                                             head coaching position remains vacant the selection process shall                                                     continue until that time when an individual has been agreed upon. That                                             coach will then be presented for board approval at the next general                                                       meeting.

                                    2. An approved head coach can select their assistant coaches provided                                            these individuals meet all the requirements set in these bylaws. The                                                 coordinators for each league can/shall oversee and assist in this process.


                        B         All coaches should be evaluated at the conclusion of the season. An                                                evaluation committee shall be established by the board for this purpose.

                                    Procedures and criteria for the committee will be written and approved by                                      the EHTYO board.                


                        C         Any individual requesting to be a head coach who was not a head coach at                                    that specific level the previous year shall submit a written request to the                                          board indicating their intentions. This request should describe their                                                reasons for wanting to coach in our program. The request may also include                          past coaching experiences and references.


D.        All members of the coaching staff must wear EHTYO colored apparel at all games and EHTYO sponsored functions.

Article VIII: Association Rules and Regulations

A.        Cheerleading

Taxi: Registration forms will be taken via lottery on both squads, and will consist of girls in 1st and 2nd grade in the Fall.  All 1st grade cheerleaders must have a participating parent/guardian to avoid safety concerns. 

JV &Pee Wee: returning JV and Pee Wee stay with the same squad as previous year. Incoming newcomers will be divided via lottery until both sides are even.  Then the remaining will draft (1) Atlantic, (1) Cape Atlantic, etc. until roster count is completed on both squads.   Once a child is placed on a squad, they remain with that County all the way through the program.

Varsity: returning Varsity stay with the same squad as previous year.  Incoming newcomers from high to low scores during tryouts/evaluations will draft (1) Atlantic, (1) Cape Atlantic, etc. until roster count is completed on both squads.   

1.         Atlantic and Cape Atlantic squads will consist of Taxi, Pee Wee, JV and  Varsity Cheerleaders.  Team roster numbers will be determined each year by the Cheerleading Coordinators and finalized by the Board based on the number of coaches available and uniform supply.  

2.         Varsity Captains will be named based on the two highest scores of those children returning to that prospective squad from the previous yearat the coaches' discretion.

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3.         Varsity girls must attend the try-out/evaluation to make the squad. 

4.         All rosters will be final the week of Varsity tryouts/evaluations.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis by the Cheerleading Coordinators.                                   

Attendance:Every Head Coach will take attendance at all practices, games, etc.  One demerit will be issued for every absence and a half of a demerit will be issued for everylateness.

2 demerits – mandatory meeting with parent & Cheerleading Coordinator

3 demerits – parent will receive letter from the Board / child is not eligible to compete

2 or more missed football games – child is not eligible to compete


B.        Junior Color Guard

1.         Junior Color Guard consists of one squad with children ranging from 2nd to 8th grades in the FallThe squad is to consist of no more than 70 children.The purpose is to provide halftime entertainment. The Junior Color Guard must have board approval to participate in other functions and parades.

                        2.         This squad will consist of no more than six (6) mascots.Mascots shall be                                         in Kindergarten or 1st grade.  A parent/guardian of the mascot must be                                            present at all practices, games, and events. 

                        3.         The Drill Team will have a Coordinator/Head Coach to oversee the                                                 coaching staff.                                   

C.        Football Association

                        Football will follow the rules and regulations set forth by both the Atlantic                                     County Junior Football League and the Cape Atlantic Junior Football League (see                         attached bylaws of ACJFL and CAJFL).

                        1.         If anew football playeror a new cheerleader has a sibling who is actively                                         on a squad, that player/cheerleader has the choice to participate in the                                             same league as his/her sibling.                                                         

                        2.         A football player/Cheerleader that leaves the program for one or more                                             seasons and then returns will be placed back on the same league he                                                 originally participated in.

3.         Players who weigh over the 8 pound weight limit established by Atlantic County will automatically play for Cape Atlantic County. A returning player for Atlantic County who is over the weight limit will transfer to Cape Atlantic County. Atlantic County will be given a supplemental pick with non roster players. 8 pounds is what the CAJFL uses in their bylaws

4.         Non roster players (new to the program) will be drafted on or before July 25th. Incoming newcomers will be divided via lottery until both sides are even.  Then the remaining will blind draft (1) Atlantic, (1) Cape Atlantic until both sides are even.  Head coaches may exchange picks to keep players together upon approval from both Coordinators.

5.         Players selected or drafted at the Taxi, Pee Wee, JV and Varsity levels will remain on that side for the remainder of their stay in the organization. A player will only be able to switch sides upon mutual agreement between both head coaches and their respective coordinators.

                                                            Page 11

6.         Coaches will remain on the same side for the remainder of their stay in the organization.  A coach will only be able to switch sides upon unanimous agreement between both Coordinators. 

7.         Any addendums to the ACJFL or CAJFL by-laws would super cede our by-laws.


8.         Any disputes between head coaches will be settled by a three person committee consisting of the Football Coordinators and the President of the organization. In the event that any individuals of the 3 person committee are coaches involved in the dispute their spot on the committee will be replaced by a board member not involved in the situation.

9.         All Football Coaches are required to take the USA Football certification class.  This certificate is required for ALL coaches at ALL levels every year.

Practice Start Dates:

1.          ACJFL bylaws will determine the earliest start date for the Atlantic County teams.                                                                       

2.         Cape Atlantic County start dates will be determined by their coordinator with board approval. They are currently not restricted by the Cape Atlantic County bylaws.

Article IX:  Scholarships:

            A.        The recipient must have been a participant for three years in EHTYO and                                       continuing on at the High School level in their prospective sport, i.e.                                               Cheerleading, Color Guard, Marching Band, or Football for an additional three                             years. Those applying for the scholarship must also play in their Junior and Senior                        years at the High School level. Applications will be posted at applicable High                                     Schools and the EHTYO website for a minimum of one month and further                            requirements are as follows:

1.         Applicants must attend a 2 or 4 year accredited college and must have maintained a “C” grade point average during high school.

2.         Applicants must complete an application and submit transcripts along with an essay.

3.         Applicant chosen will be awarded after notification at the High School Awards Ceremony. A plaque with the promise of a check upon completion of the first transcripts at a school of higher education of his/her choice, presenting fully completed transcript with a C average or better. The check will be made out in the recipient’s name. Failure of these criteria can result in forfeit of the monies.

4.         If in the event of no qualified applicant for the scholarship, the award monies will be kept in the account and no award will be given that year.


                                                                                    Page 12



5.         The amount of the scholarship is $1,000 for each sport (Atlantic County Football, Cape Atlantic Football, Atlantic County Cheerleading, Cape Atlantic Cheerleading, and Junior Color Guard.  This money can be divided between 2 or more participants in each sport if necessary.

6.         Extenuating circumstances can be brought to the Board on an individual basis if there is no eligible candidate.

7.         Each sport is responsible for holding or sponsoring a fundraiser each year to help offset the cost of the scholarships.


Article X:  Booster Club/ Refreshment Stand


  1. The Booster Club shall exist for the purpose of raising money for the benefit and betterment of the entire EHTYO program. Their duties will include conducting fundraisers (excluding scholarship fundraisers), selling merchandise and organizing events to promote team pride.

B.        The Booster club shall have its own coordinator and will have a two year    term as a member of the board.

C.        Any funds raised will be used only for the benefit of EHTYO and any       EHTYO board approved events and expenditures. Financial reports must    be provided on a monthly basis. Expenses or distributions that exceed    $1,000 must have board approval prior to withdrawal of any funds.           

D.        Balances that exceed $5,000 must be paid to the general account no later    than the next general meeting. Any year end excess of funds must be        turned over to the EHTYO general account by year end, defined as the   February general meeting.

E.         The booster club may request funding from the general account at a            general membership meeting. An itemized list of expenses shall be               submitted along with the request for funding. In an emergency situation          funds may be transferred between these two accounts provided that there     is prior board approval.

F.         The refreshment stand shall be run independent of the booster club with a separate set of financial records. A stand coordinator shall be approved by             the board no later than the July general meeting.         

G.        Any item or gift that is requested in recognition of an individual or team achievement will be determined each year at the Board’s discretion.

Article XI:  Amendments


            Proposed amendments to these bylaws should be submitted in writing at a general or         board only meeting. In the event the majority of the board supports the proposal the    amendment shall be read at two consecutive general meetings. A final vote to approve          will be taken at that second meeting.  At either of the readings the proposed amendment     shall be open for public comment and board discussion as well as for changes supported        by a second motion and a majority vote.


            A two-third majority vote is required to pass an amendment. Voting shall be by all            eligible voting members at a general meeting.


Roberts Rules of order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the bylaws.Any discrepancies or difficulties in the interpretation of these bylaws should be resolved by a majority vote among the board members only. The purpose of such a vote will be to         allow a unified agreement as to how the bylaws should be followed and not a vote to change any bylaw.


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